187th AHC Assn Funds Account

The 187th Association Fund exists to support the Constitutional Objectives of the 187th AHC Association.  Those objectives focus on engendering the camaraderie of Army Aviation unit service members, past and present, promoting and supporting community general welfare and patriotism among the citizenry, encouraging communication between veterans to include families of deceased veterans, and promoting Army Aviation Service among young adults.  The Associations has no paid employees and operates on a non profit basis. All contributions to the Association Fund are strictly voluntary and tax deductible. 

  • Operation and maintenance of a 187th AHC Web Site
  • Operation of a Card and Flower Program in support of significant events of members and their immediate families; i.e., hospitalization, death, marriage, etc.
  • Operation of a “187th AHC Store” which carries items to promote the unity and camaraderie of unit members.
  • Mailings to keep the membership informed and allow full participation in the election of Association Board Members/Officers.
  • Sponsorship of a Veterans Day Reunion for 187th AHC Members and families.
  • Sponsorship of a deployed Army Aviation Unit(s) by providing “care packages” which include hard to get comfort and recreation items.
  • Other initiatives as deemed appropriate by the Association Board and/or Membership.

Within the Association Fund, the Association has established a “Pledge Program” dedicated to support members who need limited financial assistance to attend our annual Veterans Day Reunion. The financial assistance is limited to lodging, registration and reunion package cost for members and can only come from monies pledged for this purpose.  If you would like to participate in the Pledge Program, contact the Association Treasurer, Ray Root, for details (251) 213-8846, rayroot1@gmail.com or at the address shown below .

If you know of or have an idea regarding initiatives that we should pursue that you feel fit within the stated definition of our Association’s Constitutional Objective, please let any member of the Board know.    It is your Association and your Fund and the Board does not profess to have a “corner on the market of good ideas.”

  All checks for donations and pledges should be payable to the “187th AHC Association” and mailed to the below address.  

Ray Root
PO Box 4693
Gulf Shores, AL 36547-4693   
Phone: (251) 213-8846
E-Mail:  rayroot1@gmail.com



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